The Importance of Drinking Water for Weight Loss and Staying Hydrated

Discover the importance of drinking water for weight loss! Learn how staying hydrated aids fat burning. Start shedding pounds today!

Health experts say that drinking water can help with weight loss. There are several pieces of advice and diet programs that tout themselves as the best methods for losing weight. While they may disagree, they will often suggest eating fewer calories than you expend in order to lose weight.

Exercise on a regular basis is also essential if you want to see improvements. Drinking extra water, according to experts, will speed up the process. One doctor recommends that anyone on a weight-loss diet consume even more water than the recommended daily amount.

Water is essential for overall health because it keeps us hydrated, which is essential for weight loss. Experts advise drinking plenty of water along with any diet plan you choose, according to The Mirror.

According to nutritionist Kelly Jones, “Water can help you feel full and eat less, so nutritionists recommend it for weight loss.”

Along with eating balanced meals and snacks, staying hydrated enough to detect hunger and fullness cues may help you gradually attain your ideal weight. She suggests thinking of water as a “maintenance tool” rather than a “magic bullet” for weight loss. The expert said that sipping water throughout the day prevents feelings of thirst because thirst is a symptom of dehydration.

You will have “better appetite regulation” throughout the day if you constantly sip water.

According to the expert, while water can help you manage your appetite in the short term, it does not last very long. She claims that a “proper intake of protein, fat, and fiber” is required to “trigger your satiety signals and truly feel full.”

By raising your resting energy expenditure (REE), water can help you burn more calories while sleeping. Dr. Linda Anegawa, a specialist in internal medicine and obesity medicine and medical director at PlushCare, claims that within 20 minutes of consuming water, the REE can rise by as much as 30%.

So how much water should you consume daily to help with weight loss?

One and a half to two liters of water, or more if you live in a hot area, should be consumed each day, according to Dr. Anegawa.

Three hours prior to exercising, you should consume an additional 16 to 24 ounces (750 ml) of liquids and up to one liter per hour while exercising. It is also critical to remember to replenish any fluids lost when exercising. According to Kelly Jones, you should consume an additional 16 to 20 ounces of water on top of your normal requirements for every pound you lose while exercising. You should drink more water if you often consume dehydrating drinks like coffee and tea.


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