8 Low testosterone signs and health problems

Low testosterone levels in the body can cause a person to lose their sex desire, have less bone and muscle mass, and possibly face other health problems.

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Low testosterone levels in the body can cause a person to lose their sex desire, have less bone and muscle mass, have mood disorders, have less ability to reproduce, and possibly face other health problems.

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced by both sexes. It’s crucial to men’s health in all areas, but notably sexual wellness.

Health problems that cause low testosterone

Males’ testosterone levels naturally decline as they age. After the age of thirty, this hormone’s production starts to decline, and it does so at a rate of about 1% each year for the rest of their lives.

About 40% of guys aged 45 and above have low testosterone, which is more common in older men, however it can also happen in younger men.

In addition to getting older, which lowers testosterone, some health conditions increase the likelihood that testosterone will decrease, including:


Compared to age, obesity may have a bigger effect on testosterone levels. According to research, low testosterone levels are closely tied to being overweight.

Abnormal underweight

Low testosterone levels can result from starvation, strenuous exercise, and an unnatural drop in body mass index.

Pituitary disorders

They include problems with how the pituitary gland works and may be the result of a pituitary tumor or a brain tumor.

Undescended testicles

These typically disappear in the early years of life. Inaction can result in hormonal issues later in life if surgery isn’t performed if this doesn’t happen.

Obtaining abnormally high levels of iron

This is also known as hemochromatosis.

Testicular injury

Testosterone production may be normal if only one testis is damaged.

Cancer treatment

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause testosterone to decrease temporarily.


The infection can impair testosterone levels by interfering with the pituitary, hypothalamus, and testicles’ normal functions.

The levels of testosterone can be impacted by STIs or other types of illnesses.

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Low testosterone signs and symptoms

If testosterone production falls drastically below normal, a variety of symptoms may appear. Low T frequently has modest symptoms. The following are a few signs of low testosterone levels:

Decreased sex drive

The hormone testosterone is important for male libido. An individual with low T may notice a sudden drop in sex drive.

Decreased sperm volume

The production of sperm is influenced by testosterone. Low testosterone users could notice less sperm produced during eja*culation.

Loss of body hair

Baldness is partly caused by genes, but men with low testosterone may also lose hair on their bodies and faces.


Males with low testosterone frequently report feeling extremely exhausted and lacking in energy.

Low muscle mass

The most crucial hormone for muscle growth is testosterone. Your muscle mass will begin to decrease if your testosterone levels are low. If your healthcare provider suspects you might have low testosterone, they will usually check for this.

Increased body fat 

Gynecomastia, or expanded breast tissue, can occur in men with insufficient testosterone. This effect is hypothesized to occur when the interaction between estrogen and testosterone is poor.

Decreased bone mass 

Bone synthesis and bone strength are aided by testosterone. As a result, men with low testosterone, particularly those who are older, have less bone mass and are more prone to breaking a bone.

Mood swings

Research has shown that men with low testosterone are thought to be more likely to experience depression, irritation, or lack of attention in addition to the physical consequences of low testosterone.


Talk things over with your healthcare provider before beginning any kind of testosterone treatment. Because the symptoms of low testosterone might be confused with those of other diseases, it can be difficult to evaluate on your own what is actually causing them.

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